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St Hubert's Chase

Every year in Autumn, riding clubs from all over Poland organize the St Hubert's Chase. Initially St Hubert was the patron saint of hunters but by and by he became the patron saint of horse-riders who continued the chase-tradition over the centuries.

Riders who attend in this great event appear very elegant. Black Jackets, white blouses and britches, black shoes and riding hats are visible for an audience that is waiting with impatience for the culmination point of this ceremony - "Tuft Chase". The riders test their horses speed trying to catch the fox (the rider who has the tuft attached to their shoulder). The tradition says that the one who catches the fox one year carries proudly the tuft in the following year's chase.

Usually there are two chases: one for the adults and another one for teen-riders. Afterwards there is time for relaxation when the riders gather around the camp-fire and strengthen themselves eating grilled sausages and sauerkraut stew. Once the celebration starts to develop everyone makes his way back to the horse stable. Soon the real feast with dancing and singing will begin!

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