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Here comes the Bride!

Two of us decided to strengthen bonds with each other and get married! Michal and Maria decided to celebrate the wedding in one of the most beautiful churches in Cracow, Peter & Paul's, located at Cracow's Kings' Track which is leading to the Wawel Castle. Maria looked gorgeous in her snow white dress and Michal, very handsome was smiling all the time. Wonder why!

We as their friends, made a quick decision: when Equestrians get married there should be horses. The Operation Codename: 'we must get there right on time' and 'what are we going to do with the horses during the wedding party?' began early on Saturday morning. The whole team, consisted of two teenager-girls, who were helping Paulina to clean the horses (they had to vacuum them!), as well as the equipment, in Tomaszowice where three out of four horses were coming from. At the same time in Swoszowice, Jamajka was going through a similar treatment given to her by Magda. When everything was done and ready we were already late, as usual. Antoni - Tomaszowice stud owner had to convince the horses that there was no time to sulk. When they finally got into the Beckmann trailer we hurried to 'take off' for city centre of Cracow. Of course we had to go back after half a km to pick up the papers and insurance certificate for the horse that we forgot ...

Very late we arrived in Cracow city centre to unload our horses at the Maltanski Hotel parking site (Big thanks to the owners for letting us store our pets there. That was the most luxurious pasture they have ever been on!). We left them under the watchful eyes of our brave friends Mietek and Oksana just in case our four-legs decided to do a little sightseeing...

Under cover we managed to see at least the wedding oath in the church just to sneak out again to saddle our horses. They looked beautiful with their manes and tails adorned with ribbons and the legs muffled white.

The most difficult task tho, had still to be achieved. We had to get to Grodzka via the Poselska Street which was full of people as this was the day of Poselska Street festival! Chata, Lasa, Lotr and Jamajka were unimaginably brave, and probably scared to death. So we managed to get to the church surprisingly smoothly and lined-up in front of the church, where we aroused the interest of dozens of tourists who were passing along the street. Michal and Maria could not see us because their view was blocked by numerous wedding guests handing them flowers, wishing the best of luck, and offering congratulations. Apart from Jamajka who was polluting the sidewalk, we could not have imagined a more ideal situation. When the wedding guests finally let the newly-weds out of the church, there was already a serious crowd of people curiously waiting and gaping what was going on there.

The whole effort connected with the organization of this event was worth the faces we received from Michal and Maria. This was a reward that exceeded our expectations! They were really surprised! And fortunately the seemed to be delighted! The crowd gave them a thundering applause which they don't remember, of course.

After catching breaths they got into a carriage and with four riders escorting them, they headed towards the Main Market for a city tour. I am convinced that these pictures, taken by the tourists that day, can be found all over the world now...

We followed the carriage to the floating restaurant where the wedding party was going to take place and headed for the Maltanski hotel to bring our horses home. Together with Antoni we were back at the feast around 10pm to raise our glass with the couple and the rest of our friends and celebrate our successful surprise.

We would like to thank Antoni Zielinski for lending us his horses and providing transportation, the Maltanski Hotel owners for their kindness and Andzelika, Oksana and Mietek for their kind help to prepare and watch over the horses after we arrived in the crazy city centre of Cracow.

Magda who was so kind to organize the fourth horse and to prepare it, the tall Paulina who agreed to accompany us riding Lasa and Adam, our lovely friend, who had to conduct the wedding preaching, a horse related sermon of course, and who had to keep an eye on Maria and Michal so they would not leave church in the carriage in case we were late with the horses.

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