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Crossing Bieszczady on a horseback! - In July Camille and Alexandre came from South of France to Poland and decided to go to Bieszczady for a three days trial. During the first two days the weather was so nice that they could admire great views, having pick nicks during lunch breaks and long evenings in front of the fire. Despite rain unfortunately falling on their heads in the last day brave riders refused to give up the path. .. more »
When we're not on track - Someone would ask what do we do when we are not just on trail. Well we still spend time with horses in various places in Krakow and outside the city. Maria and Michal prefer Sports Club focused on jumping located in Swoszowice, where horses are well trained and fairly calm... more »
Roleski 4 Spins 2007 West Riding Competition - On the 13th of May the first Qualification for Polish Western and Rodeo League Championships recognized by NRHA (National Reining Horse Association USA) took place in Poland in Stare Zukowice. It was a great chance to acquaint oneself with this spectacular American style of riding. .. more »
Long weekend in May - May is actually the best time to start horseback trailing season. These were 9 days of wandering trough Beskid Sadecki region and the May weekend was once again well celebrated! Breathtaking views, sun shining as it only does in May, refreshing Spring drizzles, delicious food, joyful evenings, what else do we need to be happy!? .. more »
Hello Spring! - To celebrate spring arrival we decided to climb at Mount Przechyba which was surprisingly still covered with snow. We had to get of the horses' backs many times and walk shoulder to shoulder with them as the top layer of frozen snow crashed under the weight of the animals and their legs sank into deep snow... more »
New-Arrival - On the 13th of March, in our friendly stud in Tomaszowice, near Krakow, a new horse took its first steps on the planet. This little stallion was bravely delivered by its' proud mother, Milka (Beloved). The Polish Horse (breed) and her new foal feel good, although this baby-stallion, is not even thigh tall but already full of energy, running around and jumping across the whole place like there's no tomorrow - this one may become a little tiring for the mother. .. more »
Winter Trail - On the 17th of February we set out for our two-day Winter Trail. Equipped with scarves, gloves, hats, boots and lots of warm clothing we were ready to face the temperatures outside. But the weather had different plans for us, surprisingly good ones. The sun was shining like crazy during the whole ride. Even so when we were enjoying the warm rays and grilling sausages over a camp-fire. The horses enjoyed rolling in the snow... more »
St Hubert's Chase - Every year in Autumn, riding clubs from all over Poland organize the St Hubert's Chase. Initially St Hubert was the patron saint of hunters but by and by he became the patron saint of horse-riders who continued the chase-tradition over the centuries. .. more »
Here comes the Bride! - Two of us decided to strengthen bonds with each other and get married! Michal and Maria decided to celebrate the wedding in one of the most beautiful churches in Cracow, Peter & Paul's, located at Cracow's Kings' Track which is leading to the Wawel Castle. Maria looked gorgeous in her snow white dress and Michal, very handsome was smiling all the time. Wonder why!.. more »