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Bieszczady - Mountains situated on the very South-East of Poland. This immense territory, almost a human desert, is one of the most beautiful regions in Poland, a paradise for those seeking isolation. Virgin landscapes where civilisation can barely be seen. In short: a playground for enthusiastic equestrians...
» 6 days trail in Bieszczady
» 3 days trail in Bieszczady
Cracow - Czestochowa's Jura - Leaving from Tomaszowice, a village near by Cracow, you will start your equestrian adventure in a region established as Jurassic lime reef. You will follow a unique Eagles' Nests trail where you may discover ruins of dozens of castles' battlements dating back to the XIVth and XVth centuries situated on innumerable hills...
» Jura - 6 days trail
» Jura - 4 days trail
Pieniny - The Pieniny Mountains offers a great choice of paths and trails for endless wandering. Your horses, experienced hikers, will take you through Small Pieniny Hills to beautiful meadows with excellent vantage points for the region. These grassy plateaus are the result of human activities aiming in enlarging agrarian areas and pastures by cutting down the forest. These are simply the best terrains for infinite gallops and unforgettable memories.
» 6 days trail in Pieniny
» 3 days trail in Pieniny

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